The Mother's Blossoms (name given by the Mother, registered in 2006) is the alumni body of The Mother's International School, that works with the motto to – connect, collaborate and contribute. It endeavors to keep the MIS alumni connected with to each other, to the school and to the ashram community like an extended family as envisioned by The Mother.
Mother’s Blossoms, the alumni of The Mother’s International School, was registered as a Society on December 29, 2006. Though the alumni has functioned at an informal level for over 20 years, it was given a formal and legal shape only in December 2006 as a new body, and thus the Mother’s Blossoms came into being.

The primary aim of the Society is to promote a sense of belonging and connection of the alumni not only with its Alma Mater, but also amongst themselves. In addition to this the Society aims to serve as a conduit for the alumni in all its endeavors to support social and educational causes.
Over the last twelve years The Mother's Blossoms, has been active through various events and meets organized throughout the year. Some of the annual events are

         - Annual Alumni Reunion hosted every year in January
         - Abhivyakti Talent Fiesta on School’s Birthday every year
         - Sport’s Fiesta Volleyball, Football, Table Tennis and
            Badminton Matches between the Alumni and
            the School Teams in December

         - Children’s Day programs for the MIS children in November

         - Sponsoring children’s education

The new committee appointed this year has initiated some new activities as well. Bhoomi Mangalam – A Tree Plantation Drive was orgainsed in the SAA - Delhi Branch premises wherein 200 fruit and flower trees were planted by the alumni from across the world.
All these events are a gesture of gratitude and contribution towards the institution that has given the alumni a foundation for life.

The Association

The Mother’s Blossoms alumni wants collaborate, support and contribute towards various social welfare activities in the field of education, health, and community development.
The Alumni willingly contributes their time and expertise along with financial support for the social and charitable activities of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, New Delhi.
In its efforts to connect the alumni, Mother’s Blossoms is updating its alumni and teachers’ database, revamping its website, connecting with ex-students and teachers. Mother’s Blossoms is also now connected with the alumni through Facebook and Whatsapp.
The Alumni has a valuable databank, rich in human resources, of all the ex-students of MIS. The Association aims to make available this databank to all its members for networking on issues ranging from career counseling, career enhancement, job placements, etc.
It’s amazing to see the energy flow amongst people who share a background of common educational institution. To strengthen this bond the Association has also started a newsletter from November 2006 onwards. Surabhi is the voice of every ex-student who wants to share his/her memories, experiences and dreams.
Keeping in sync with our policy of being transparent and accessible to all our members we would like to invite each and every member to send their suggestions and feedback. An interactive and participative membership is what will make the Mother’s Blossoms alive and dynamic. For this, each one of us needs to be sensitized that divided strength must be used for collective gain.


Over the past few years, the alumni and MIS have been involved in activities like:

  • Abhivyakti – Sponsoring of an annual Talent Fiesta on school’s foundation day

  • Sport’s Day – Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton and Table Tennis matches between the school and alumni

  • Social Welfare Activities

       -   Bhumi Mangalam
       -   Tree Plantation Drive

       -   Scholarships

       -   Promoting Health and Fitness

       -   Sponsoring Education

       -   Dental Camp

       -   EWS Children’s Support.


  • Children’s Day Celebrations

  • Sponsorship of children at Auro Mira Vidya Mandir

  • Career Counselling

  • Alumni Get Together



The Association also plans to organize the following activities in the coming years:

  • Bhoomi Mangalam – Tree Plantation Drive
  • Ex Teacher’s Get Together
  • Alumni Trips
  • Career Counselling
  • Children’s Day
  • Sport’s Day
  • Alumni Get Together

We once again therefore, call on each and everyone of you to come, work with us as we move forward to build bridges of friendship, compassion and understanding.