Contributors & Sponsors

The name Mother’s Blossoms was given by Mr. P.K. Madan Principal of The Mother’s International School in 1974. The Alumni Get-together began to be held on a regular basis, in the eighties and required a lot of physical and financial support in its infancy. It was the untiring efforts of Mrs. Neena Sethi (1970 batch), and unconditional moral, physical and financial support of Mr. Prem Sagar Handa (1975 batch), Ms. Charu Leekha (1976 batch), Mr. Surinder Vashisht (1977), Mr, Sanjeev Madan (1983 batch) that the strong foundations of the Association could be laid. The seeds that were then planted and so fondly nurtured have grown into a fully blossomed tree. So true to its name - Mother’s Blossoms are in full bloom.





Volunteer Opportunities

What we do

Apart from the contributions made in the past, these activities are organized:

  • Rejuvination & Adventure Camps,
  • Annual Alumni Dinner,
  • Career Fair,
  • Talent Fiesta,
  • Children's Day,
  • Sports Day, and
  • The Annual School Reunion held on the 26th of January.

We also have a newsletter called Surabhi for which we need people to be on the editorial board.

What you can do

To plan, organize and execute each event we need volunteers who can dedicate some time to the Society. Even if you do not wish to become a member of the Society right now you could enroll as a volunteer. We will keep you updated with the latest projects on our list and give you enough time to plan your schedule.

If you wish to join us please fill in the Volunteer details:

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  • Batch:

  • Email:

  • Contact No.:

  • Area of Involvement:


Also kindly update your profile by filling out the data form. Please click here to download the data form.


Become a member

Please Click Here to download the form. And mail it to:

Mother’s Blossoms, Sri Aurobindo Ashram,
Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi - 110016.


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  • Email updates